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FAQs about PinPointe Footlaser

By The Laser Nail Centers
June 25, 2015
Category: Treatment Options

PinPointe FootLaser Toenail fungus is an unattractive and sometimes uncomfortable condition, but the PinPointe FootLaser at your McLean podiatrist's office can eradicate it from sight.

With up to 10% of adults dealing with toenail fungus, it's a fairly common condition seen by the podiatrists at The Laser Nail Centers serving Fairfax, Reston, McLean, Ashburn, Virginia. They also see toenail fungus, clinically called onychomycosis, being eliminated through the use of the PinPointe FootLaser. A few of the most common questions about this treatment are answered here.

How does the PinPointe FootLaser work?

The PinPointe FootLaser is a light-based tool operated by your podiatrist. The heat from the laser is designed to target toenail fungus while bypassing the surrounding tissues. The heat effectively destroys the fungus and allows the nail to grow in cleanly.

Is the PinPointe procedure painful?

Most of the patients at The Laser Nail Centers serving Fairfax, Reston, McLean, Ashburn, Virginia, say that the procedure is virtually painless. Some say that they feel a warm or prickly sensation.

How long does it take?

The entire PinPointe FootLaser procedure is fairly quick, only taking about 30 minutes depending on the extent of the fungal growth. It takes place at our offices servicing Fairfax, Reston, McLean, Ashburn, Virginia, and does not typically require downtime afterward.

Will the fungus return?

Many of our podiatry patients see results after just one treatment with the PinPointe FootLaser. However, those who have been infected with toenail fungus may be prone to recurrence. The physicians at The Laser Nail Centers will provide their patients with information on to prevent reinfection.

Is the PinPointe FootLaser approved by the FDA?

Yes. The FDA has approved this laser for the treatment of nail fungus.

Don't let toenail fungus keep you from enjoying your summer. Contact The Laser Nail Centers of Fairfax, Reston, McLean, Ashburn, Virginia, today to schedule a treatment consultation for the revolutionary PinPointe FootLaser!