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Pedilase Fights Nail Fungus

By The Laser Nail Centers
April 20, 2015
Category: Treatment Options
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Are your nails thickened, brittle, distorted, dull or discolored? If so, a condition called onychomycosis, or nail fungus, may be to blame. A very common podiatry condition, nail fungus affects many more Mclean, VA residents that you would probably realize. Thankfully, The Laser Nail Centers in Mclean, VA offers the perfect solution to this common podiatric problem: Pedilase.

What is Pedilase?

Common nail fungus treatment options such as oral medications, powders and creams can be a great first step to treating nail fungus. However, sometimes a more advanced case of nail fungus requires a more specialized treatment plan as it can be difficult to effectively eliminate nail fungus once it has made its way under the nail bed. Plus, medications and creams are often messy and they may cause undesirable side effects.

Thankfully, Pedilase is different. Pedilase uses a gentle laser beam to safely and effectively reach through the affected nail to kill the fungus and restore nail health. The process generally produces little to no discomfort. You can even wear shoes and socks immediately after the procedure!

What Will Happen if I Don't Seek Nail Fungus Treatment?

Leaving your nail fungus untreated may be tempting, especially if it is not causing you any discomfort. Unfortunately, however, that is rarely a good idea. Even if the appearance of your nails doesn't bother you, nail fungus is associated with several more serious health conditions that eventually will. For example, nail fungus can lead to foot pain, a spread of the infection and even nail loss if not treated.

The longer you wait to visit the podiatry specialists at The Laser Nail Centers in Mclean, VA, the more difficult your nail fungus will be to treat. Don't wait until your foot is itchy, cracked, unsightly and painful. Call The Laser Nail Centers today!